COmmunicating COmplexity is the international network aimed at exploring languages, approaches and technologies to respond to the emerging need for making complex information accessible through design.


Research, connect, educate.
The 2CO three format explained

2CO Conference

Generated by a consortium of European Universities that in 2011 started to collaborate in the InformAnimation project, and by fellow Universities active in visual design teaching and research, COmmunicating COmplexity aims at becoming an international reference point for research and education in communicating complexity through new media.

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2CO Everyday

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It is a travelling series of smaller and more frequent seminar gatherings developed from 2CO’s main conference and hosted by Universities across our international network.

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2CO Educational

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In the light of our recent experiences in on-line education we have also decided to explore the remote dimension in Communicating Complexity education by organizing a first on-line introductory course on info-design.

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Next event

Barcelona, Spain

→ 3–5 July 2024


See the contributions presented in 2CO’s past conferences

2CO3: Communicating Complexity: Contributions from the 2022 Alghero Conference

Edited by Nicolò Ceccarelli; Published by Franco Angeli, 2023 Coming soon

2CO2: Communicating Complexity: Contributions from the 2017 Tenerife Conference

Edited by Nicolò Ceccarelli and Carlos Jiménez
Published by Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de La Laguna, 2020

For those who are interested, the conference proceedings are availavle on the RIULL's website.

→ Download Proceedings

2CO1: Communicating Complexity: 2013 Conference Proceedings

Edited by Nicolò Ceccarelli
Published by Nuovacultura.it, Roma, 2013

For those who are interested on the book of conference proceedings, the volume is on sale on the publisher's website.

In the meantime you can download the b/w pdf version of the volume or browse-it on Google Books.

→ Download b/w Proceedings