We are happy to announce that the incoming edition of 2CO will be enriched with a series of workshops.
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International Design Conference

2CO COmmunicating COmplexity



2CO Design Workshops

We are happy to announce that the incoming edition of 2CO will be enriched with a series of workshops.

2CO workshops – programs and calendar will be published very soon – come in two formats:

A first series is professionals-oriented, based on a one-day format, is intended to inspire and introduce, professionals, students and researcher to basic approaches to communicating complexity;

The second series of workshops will be more academic – in our very soft style to academia – and can be seen as the first attempt of the 2CO community to explore the didactic dimensions of communicating complexity.

Workshops of this group, that will last two full days and will be run by university researchers and educators, is mainly directed to students, and to scholars wishing to extend their understanding of new areas of expertise.




The 2CO workshops program will take place immediately before the beginning of the conference’s works, on tuesday 21 and wednesday 22 november.

Those wishing to attend them will be able to choose between a formula including one or two one-day workshops, or one two full day ones.

A selection of the workshop’s outcome will be presented in a special session at the conference opening.

Animation basics for data presentation

Nicolò Ceccarelli, DADU Italy
Eleni Tsampra, Greece

Processing complexity: how to design great information graphics

Michael Stoll, University of Augsburg, Germany
Alfredo Calosci, DADU Italy


Jaime Serra, Spain

Alfredo Calosci. An Architect by training, Alfredo is a visual and interaction designer with wide teaching experience at an international level. After teaching for many years at DADU, Alghero, he is currently developing there his PhD.

Nicolò Ceccarelli Associate Professor in communication design at the University of Sassari, Italy, Nicolò runs the animazionedesign research lab in Alghero whose main mission is to explore the potential of the language of animation to convey informative contents. For three consecutive years, Nicolò has organized the Informanimation Erasmus Intensive Programme. He has started and chairs the 2CO project.

Jaime Serra Multidisciplinary artist, columnist and journalist, Jaime Serra is a leading figure in infography. Since the 90’s, his pioneering work for many international newspapers has played a key role in shaping infographic as a genre, pushing the envelope of its application domain and defining it as a new language for making information accessible. His work encompasses organically exhibits, installations, infography pieces in editorial formats. Widely acknowledged for his work, Jaime has lectured and presented throughout the world.

Michael Stoll. Head of Information Design at Augsburg’s University of Applied Sciences Department of Design, Michael is a internationally renewed expert and Infographist. A long time collector of historic infographics Michael is the proud owner of one of biggest collections on the topic, the highlights of which have become the traveling exhibition “History of Infographics”, which will be hosted at the Tenerife 2CO conference.

Eleni Tsampra A freelance storyboard artist, visual designer and animator based in Athens, Eleni has taught animation at TEI Athens. She currently teaches animation at AKTO college Athens.


Call for abstracts

It's time for submitting abstracts for the next edition of 2CO. The deadline for presenting an abstract in one of the three conference categories: Papers, Posters and Junior Track is Monday May 22, 2017.

We invite those interested in presenting to submit one or more abstracts in one of 2CO’s topic areas:

  • informative-animation
  • interactive data visualization
  • info-graphics
  • informative environments

using the EasyChair conference system.

COmmunicating COmplexity

is the International Design Conference devoted to the investigation of the new communication landscape that embraces approaches, strategies and methodologies for making complex contents accessible through design.

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academic partners:

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See you in Tenerife ...

next 23rd to 25th November 2017.