2CO educational

2CO educational is an ongoing exploration of the educational issues of Communicating Complexity.

During the upcoming 2021 edition of our conference we will be hosting a series of design workshops which are free for all students of our partner universities.

In the light of our recent experiences in on-line education we have also decided to explore the remote dimension in Communicating Complexity education by organizing a first on-line introductory course on info-design.

The course will have an italian-speaking first run, which we plan to pair with an English edition, open to students of our partner universities, as soon as possible.


An introduction to info-design

This first educational module presents a general overview on information design. A series of ex-cathedra communications, by lecturers and researchers from 2CO’s Scientific Board, combine a perspective on the sector’s historical-cultural evolution with highlights on info-design’s the key thematic components.

The program is enriched by the participation of experts from two leading info-design firms, which will present and discuss case-studies from their direct professional experience.

The program also includes some individual work, based on the course’s materials, recommended readings and the analysis/discussion of projects and case studies presented in class. It will end with a small individual test/presentation.

This first module is offered jointly by DADU, University of Sassari and The Architecture Dept. of the University of Bologna.
Participation to the course is worth 0.5 CFU/ECTS.

DADU Alma Mater studiorum UNIBZ UNIRSM

Introduzione all’info-design