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COmmunicating COmplexity is the international conference aimed at exploring languages, approaches and technologies to respond to the emerging need for making complex information accessible through design.

Shaped as a quasi-scientific society of designers / researchers, 2CO is a project sparked in 2013 within a group of researchers that, actively cultivate the design practice and pursue cross-fertilization between the domains of research and professional practice, despite being primarily engaged in academic research.

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Alghero, Italy
8 -> 9 September 2022

conference proceedings

2CO: Communicating Complexity - Contributions from the 2017 Tenerife Conference

Edited by Nicolò Ceccarelli and Carlos Jiménez;
Published by Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de La Laguna, 2020

ISBN: 978-84-09-10171-9
DOI: 10.25145/b.2COcomunicating.2020

In the volume you will find more than twenty full papers, short papers and posters in the Conference’s four tracks: Infographics, Interactive Data Visualization, Informative Animation, Info-Environments.

To access/download the individual contributions, please head to the RIULL’s service (Institutional Repository of the University of La Laguna).

2CO Communicating Complexity: 2013 Conference Proceedings

Edited by Nicolò Ceccarelli
Published by Nuovacultura.it, Roma, 2013

ISBN: 9788868121662 DOI: 10.4458/1662

The proceeding volume includes all the contributions presented by at least one of the authors during the conference's regular sessions.

For those who are interested on the book, the volume is on sale on the publisher's website.

tenerife 2017

The second edition of 2CO has taken place in La Laguna, Tenerife from 23 -> 25 of November 2017, to continue an investigation on the new communication landscape that embraces approaches, strategies and methodologies for making complex contents accessible through design

alghero 2013

2CO Communicating Complexity's first edition ended successfully on saturday October the 26, 2017, as participants were finally able to relax at the happy-hour farewell arrivederci aperitivo, after two days of very productive and intense presentations and discussion.

The conference success was made possible by the participation of 24 full papers in the three categories Informative animation, Real-time informative visualization and Info-graphics, and 11 posters in the poster and special 'junior track' sessions. The conference attracted an international audience with participants from USA, UK, Spain, Greece, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France and Cyprus.

The meeting reached an extraordinary intensity and scientific quality, thanks to the key-note lectures from international top ranking experts, Santiago Ortiz speaking about the Dynamic Visualization of Complex Systems; Paul Wells exploring The Case of Industrial Animation and Michael Stoll presenting Infographics as interfaces to level complexity. Graphic Designer/Animator Dave Daniels captivated the audience with an engaging special guest lecture on Simplifying the Obvious to close on Friday evening.

For those who wish to have a peek into the conference's atmosphere, check out the the Conference's documentary. A five minutes film, by Stefano Nurra, featuring: Paul Wells, Michael Stoll, Dave Daniels, Santiago Ortiz, Jen Christiansen and Paolo Ciuccarelli

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